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About Us

At a time when the institution of marriage is threatened to be redefined, the world is filled with utter confusion about manhood, womanhood, marriage, sexuality, family, and parenting and so much more.

UIM seeks to strengthen marriage and families by nurturing and restoring families to fulfill the grander plan and purposes of God for generations to come.

We focus on 4 major life stages of the family – Children and Teens, Individuals preparing for marriage and marriage couples, Parenting children through different stages, Elderly couples.

Our vision is to see every family built by collaborating with the church to impact their communities.

Why we exist?

Dr. P. C. Matthew is a graduate in physics from Madras Christian College. However, resigning from the IT industry, he chose the less travelled path. Compelled by the love of Christ to serve humanity, he took up theological studies in UBS Pune for 4 years. After which, he and his wife pioneered two youth centres in North Karnataka, reaching youngsters living in hostels, away from their parents.


Witnessing the increase in breakdown of families; Urban India Ministries came into being in 1998. Joining hands with their friends, they felt burdened to educate and counsel broken families. After training in the US in Family Life Ministry, P. C. Matthew went on to complete his doctoral studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2012. His study focussed on the life of families in and around Bangalore City. The Family Mission Centre, a state of the art facility, materialized in response to the growing emotional needs of families in urban areas.


P. C. Matthew currently heads the Urban India Ministries and the Kutumb Communications. He is also the founder and dean of the UIM Family Research Training Centre. Other areas of leadership include his involvement with the Transform World Movement as its national co-ordinator and as a member of its Global Advisory Board.


His wife, Ciby Matthew is a graduate in science from Jyothi Nivas College. Completing her P.G. Diploma in Business Administration, she started her career in a construction company. However, her life took a turn when she decided to serve the Lord. After undergoing 4 years of training in theology at UBS Pune, she worked among professional students at Gulbarga and Tumkur. Currently she is a qualified family counsellor and a therapist. She lives with her three children, supporting her husband as they both reach out to families in the cities through their seminars and counselling.

UIM began in the year 1998, when a group of friends were stirred by the Lord to set right their homes. What began with their families soon extended to the families of their friends. And overtime, spread to families in their community, in the corporate, and impoverished families in the slums. As they continued in obedience to the Lord, doors opened for them to minister in more than 40 cities, reaching churches of different denominations and affiliations. UIM today, reaches specifically three different groups of people – the urban middle class, the urban teens and the urban poor. Through six different ways, UIM fulfils its objectives of serving the urban community: Family counselling, Family life education, Life skills and Value education Programs, Compassion ministry in the urban slums, Media ministry through television, magazines and Training programs on family education and counselling.

UIM is dedicated to building a value-based urban society. The family ministry division is dedicated to bringing biblical principles to families and propagating family values.

  • To APPLY biblical principles and values for marriages and family.
  • To ASSIST individuals and communities to face the challenges of urban living.
  • To ADVOCATE sanctity of life and the institution of marriage.
  • To ALERT the society about the forces that threaten families, in this emerging generation in the cities and surrounding regions.

By providing resources and working through individuals, local churches, schools and colleges, organizations, media, and government.

Our Focus Areas