Kutumb Jyothi is a response to God’s call to bring Jyothi (Light) of Christ into the Kutumbs (Families) of the impoverished in Urban India.

The project started with concern the Lord put in our hearts to reach the less privileged families of the cities. Its humble beginning was in the home of a slumdweller whose home was open to bring light to the other families in their neighborhood. Starting with English tuitions for the neighborhood children in her home, Kutumb Jyothi began to impact families through children on March 27th 2007. The ultimate goal of the project would be to bring the light of Christ to the families by addressing various family issues pertaining to the urban poor, thus transforming families, one home at a time.


We aim to fulfill our mission of lighting up the family through four areas of need. They are by addressing their Emotional aspects, Educational aspects, Empowerment aspects and Economic aspects.

1. Emotional Aspect: These needs in the families are met through Family Counseling, Pre-marital  Counseling, Group   family therapy, Youth meetings and the Women’s meetings. Personal counseling on issues related to Identity crises, Work shops and meetings to cater to spiritual and financial crises would also be conducted.

2. Educational Aspect: 85% of the urban poor are illiterate. 39% of slum children are school drop outs. Keeping in mind the education factor in the slums, Kutumb Jyothi assists slum children by giving them free tuition. An adult  literacy program is also conducted for the benefit of the women in the slums.

3. Empowerment Aspect: Leading and guiding the youth & women in the slums to job opportunities and trading skills is envisaged as a part of the project to ensure self confidence and a better future for them.

4. Economic Aspect: Critical and Emergency financial needs such as medical expenses, assistance in the form of tuition fees, school fees, school bags, pen, pencils, uniform, admission fees etc are extended to needy children from time to time.


Kutumb Jyothi began its work among a specially challenged group of people when confronted with the realities of visually challenged families. Most of the visually challenged families come from very poor backgrounds, though some of them have managed to earn their degrees etc. The challenges faced by these families are unique and the stress of poverty adds a new dimension to the crisis. Hence Kutumb Jyothi conducts various programs to meet the needs of the visually challenged families such as:

Home builder meetings
Light house meetings
Family seminars
Financial assistance
Personal family counseling

Kutumb Jyothi needs your Involvement:

KUTUMB JYOTHI is a faith project that is solely dependant on the assistance provided by people who feel a burden to reach the urban poor families in misery. You can partner with us by

Adopting a family (meeting needs, praying and visiting).
Supporting a missionary of KJ.
Contributing to Medical emergency fund.
Sponsoring a child (Child to Child Sponsorship)
Sponsoring any program of KJ
Supporting the project Monthly/ quarterly/ Half-yearly or Annually
Praying regularly for the KJ project.

For more information about Kutumb Jyothi go to www.kutumbjyothi.org/

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