The Family Marriage and Enrichment department conducted a Premartial Seminar which was held on 05 March 2016 and all our MA Students were asked to be the Resource People for this Seminar.  They prepared very enthusiastically ably guided by our Dean, Dr. P.C. Mathew, on one topic dealt by a team of two.  This helped our students who are training to be Family Champions gain confidence in preparation and presentation to educate families preventively.

Twenty young people walked into UIM Family Mission Centre to spend the day with us.  After the Seminar, given below is some of the feedback that we received from them:

“This Seminar was a reminder for me to grow more spiritually strong and how to have a successful family.” – Michelle D’Souza

“PRAYER is the most important factor of all successful relationship.” – Preethi Wilson

“I learnt a lot of things and was edified.  The new thing was about building a firm foundation as a family from the very beginning and being open to one another.” –  Anila Kera George

“Learnt about the little things that matters a lot in a relationship.  Also learnt about commitment for one another and learnt what marriage reality is.” – Anusha V.R.