Trendsetters, is a leadership program conducted in schools for teens designed to cultivate leadership skills at a young age, bring teens and parents closer and inculcate greater self-awareness and an improved ability to make informed choices in life. It is an initiative that sprung out of concern for the deteriorating values and destructive lifestyles among urban Indian teens. In this postmodern era, we want to help young people to understand the essence of values in life and to live purpose driven lives.

With this aim of transforming teens who are at cross roads of making choices for lives, the Trendsetter curriculum is set up with five pillars of leadership that can lead teens to become the Trendsetters of our Nation. Packed with godly values and examples, the virtues taught by Trendsetters will truly transform the teens to become people of high integrity, high moral standards and people of higher aims and objectives.
It is a three strand module program which seeks to simultaneously empower teachers, parents and children to build nurturing homes and meaningful relationships thus reversing the trends of suicides, depression, and materialism that is highly prevalent in today’s families in Indian metros. It is our endeavour to join hands with educational institutions and families to provide vital support to the families and citizens of tomorrow towards building of character, of integrity and of preparing children to take on the challenges life could hold.

The Trendsetters project aims to equip the teens and the youth, parents and teachers mentally, emotionally and spiritually to become strong character-ed people who build nurturing homes.

Mission Statement

Building teenagers into leaders of strong character by:

Guiding them to make right choices,
Helping them set godly trends,
Influencing them to build a strong society

Trendsetters- Student Program

The Trendsetters program is currently conducted in many schools which UIM believes are the battlegrounds where we can win or lose our youth, and are access points to reach out to thousands of families that are lost in urban miseries.

The entire session will be conducted as workshops, games and a meaningful time of reflection on the personal self, values and relationships. Counseling of students in case of a need is also envisaged as a part of the session.

The entire curriculum will take three academic years to complete. We usually target 7th,8th and 9th Graders in schools.

Trendsetters- Teacher’s Program

One day seminar for teachers conducted at schools to help them to be the trendsetter teacher.  The sessions would enable the teachers to renew their commitment and equip them to nurture the children with the Godly values.

Trendsetters- Parent Program

Seminars for parents are conducted to help them nurture an understanding of the needs of young individuals. It also helps parents explore their identities, accept themselves and spouses, resolve conflicts and enrich their marriage.


The module is also available in the form of two to three day residential camps with loads of fun learning where in teenagers and their families would benefit.

Train the Trainer Program

In order to have greater reach in the country and acknowledging the fact that we cannot do it alone, we train individuals, organizations and churches on the Trendsetters curriculum, so they can carry it forward to their schools and help in reaching out to teens.
The training program will give an orientation to the facilitator about the HI 5 Leadership Program. Undergoing this training will provide the individual a greater perspective of a teenager.

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